Our approach

Leaders are working in the midst of complex, changing organisational systems.  There is a real temptation to keep rushing around and doing “stuff”, demonstrating to themselves and others that things are being achieved.  It takes a certain strength and discipline to step back, gain some perspective and think about what you are doing and why.

Our starting assumption is that the people we work with are resourceful, have considerable experience to draw on and are not a problem to be fixed.  Our job is to create a context where they can reflect on their experiences in order to generate intelligence and insights.  This in turn informs smarter decision making and more effective action.

We are particularly keen to give clients a confidential environment in which to test the assumptions and values that inform the way they lead.  We encourage them to consider what they are like at their most authentic and how this could influence their leadership behaviour. Finally we consider the extent to which their leadership has the potential to influence others and what they want to do with that power.

Leaders who know what they stand for are better equipped to navigate change and respond to uncertainty.  They have a greater capacity to tolerate ambiguity and demonstrate resilience under pressure.  These qualities are at a premium and help to create working environments where people can really thrive.