What is coaching?

There is quite a lot of guff written about coaching.  The market place is pretty crowded and unregulated, so it can be hard to get a handle on what coaching is and how to pick the right person to work with.

We think that coaching is a high quality 1:1 conversation based on mutual trust and a clear contract.  The coach is trained, supervised and equipped to offer more than a chat.  They help you to articulate and then realise aspirations – as well as addressing current concerns.

Organisations tend to ask us to work with their identified talent.  Individual clients also come to us looking to make the most of their potential.

The territory we have explored with clients includes:

  • Leading inclusively – getting the best from a diverse team
  • Being an authentic leader
  • Leading change
  • Being a role model – particularly for LGBT or Women leaders
  • Effectively influencing and building relationships
  • Navigating a promotion
  • Developing new products / encouraging innovation

What informs our coaching?

For us, coaching is where learning happens – you don’t just work on an issue in isolation, you develop habits that will equip you to address future issues.  We are particularly hot on how coaching can help you to reflect effectively over time.

We work with, not against, your natural style and preferences.  We think that bolted on leadership models or traits tend to fall off under pressure so we are much more interested in exploring how you can bring the best of yourself to your leadership role.

Whilst we can draw on tools, models and techniques as needed – our primary interest is the conversation we have with you.  We will really listen – not “sort of” listen.   We are also incredibly curious and will offer questions, observations and feedback in a way that encourages ideas to develop.  We are not afraid to offer robust challenge and feedback within this supportive environment. 

Things to consider when picking a coach…

  • Is the coach recommended by someone you know and trust and /or have they got an evidenced track record working with organisations and people you rate?
  • Do they have a coaching qualification and membership of one of the professional bodies (e.g. EMCC, ICF)?
  • Do they work with a supervisor?
  • When you meet them is there some sort of rapport?  Did they listen to you?
  • Can they explain to you how they work in a way that you understand and think will suit you? 

The practical bit

How does the coaching get going?  Initially we suggest a “chemistry” meeting – usually a good hour, where we explore what you want to work on and how.  You can ask us any questions you like.  We then send you a pretty detailed meeting note outlining our conversation so you can check we are tuning in effectively.  We then both decide whether to proceed or not and we agree a contract.

If an organisation is paying for the coaching, they are part of the contracting process – helping to define goals and measures, as well as agreeing how progress will be tracked.  The coaching conversations themselves remain confidential.

Sessions are typically 90 – 120 mins, usually part of a programme of 6 – 8 meetings and tend to take place every 3 weeks or so. But this is all up for discussion and will be customised to suit your preferred way of working.  We work both face-to-face and over the phone.

Costs are agreed based on a sliding scale that takes into account seniority, industry sector and budget.  We aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive – our aim is to be good value and make a difference worth the money and time you will set aside.

To set up an initial meeting – please get in touch