Pause Consultancy Ltd

We believe that authentic and inclusive leaders know what they stand for and have a knack for realising their own distinctive abilities.  Even better, they create an environment for others to do the same.

At Pause Consultancy we create spaces for leaders to think well.  Safe, provocative, thoughtful spaces which temporarily quieten the hubbub of the modern organisation.  In this “pause” we are able to engage leaders in 1:1 and group conversations where they can identify what being authentic and inclusive means in practice.

Inclusive leadership can make a decisive difference in attracting, retaining and developing talented people.  We provide leaders with the support and challenge necessary for them to shape high performing, diverse organisations.

We have worked with international businesses like accenture, Microsoft and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, top academic institutions including the University of Cambridge, leading media and cultural organisations such as the Telegraph Media Group and The National Theatre, through to influential third sector clients like Stonewall and UNICEF.  We also work with individual business owners and entrepreneurs.  You can read what our clients say about us here.