“In an era of extreme uncertainty for our industry, Pause has helped the Telegraph Media Group make the transition from a 155-year-old British newspaper company to a modern, world-leading multimedia business.

Jo Bostock and her team have provided valuable, practical assistance to our senior commercial managers and journalists across the organisation, allowing them to grow and prosper as leaders and to deliver against their targets.

In a world where too many consultants and coaches provide more waffle than substance, Pause are a breath of fresh air.”

Richard Ellis, Executive Editor, Editorial, Telegraph Media Group

“Stonewall is committed to building fair and respectful workplaces where diverse talent can thrive.  Jo Bostock has been an integral part of our efforts to support organisations in delivering this.  She’s been a driving force behind our leadership development activity – including designing and delivering our flagship leadership programme, developing our thinking around the value of role models and providing 1:1 coaching for senior leaders.  She’s able to articulate the value of authentic, inclusive leadership in a way that I find genuinely compelling and has made a tangible difference to the people we work with. And she’s good fun to work with too.”

Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive, Stonewall

“Working with Jo as my coach over the past year has helped me tremendously, in particular with my work challenges. The time with her has given me space to share and reflect, gain new insights into myself and colleagues and think differently about approaching issues and people. She has a real depth of experience and understanding, and shares this in a very flexible and pragmatic way which is insightful and responsive to my needs. I particularly like the balance she strikes between encouraging me to reflect and providing observations and suggestions. I think she’s a great coach, and would recommend her highly.”

Anita Tiessen, Deputy Director of UNICEF UK

“I commissioned Jo to develop a workshop for Ernst & Young’s internal talent and leadership communities, exploring inclusive leadership: how we can make it real and sustainable in our professional services workplace.  Jumping off from LGBT people’s experiences of the importance of authenticity at work, the result was “Out Leadership”.  This saw Jo eliciting some truly groundbreaking insights about our specific culture from a mixed-level group of leaders – to excellent feedback.

One of Jo’s strengths is the way she answers tough questions convincingly as they arise. She takes concepts which in other hands could seem fluffy or intangible and shows how they make good business sense; and from her broad and deep experience working with organisations on these issues, she brings evidence and advice. We intend to take the “Out Leadership” workshop further with Jo at Ernst & Young. The way she challenges participants to think more deeply, on both personal and strategic levels, is inspiring.”

Natalie Burwell, Global IT Services Project Manager and EYGLES Network Leadership, Ernst & Young

“Jo has worked with us to design and deliver a professional development programme focussed on our specific objectives to build the capabilities of our staff and to help them realise their full potential.  Jo brought an approach that resonated with our workforce and delivered an experience that impacted staff of varying seniority – from juniors to Board level of our organisation.  She has left a lasting impression on our people and made a positive impact on their effectiveness and engagement.”

Matt Coates, Partner, Accenture

“I have in my position as an HR Director, worked with Jo for a number of years now.  She has provided outstanding input and support both in her role as a coach and through her involvement in team facilitation and development events.”

Martin Gash, HR Director, TUI UK & Ireland

“A hugely valuable experience at a critical moment in my career, when I was new to a leadership role.  Jo Bostock helped me map my territory and define my style with tremendous insight, and a lot of humour.”

Caroline Douglas, Head of the Arts Council Collection

“The University of Cambridge invited Jo to help us develop a sharp and robust understanding of the issues facing women across the organisation; Jo came highly recommended and with a reputation for focusing on authenticity and the person within the professional world.  Jo has an ability to engage diverse groups of women at all levels in sensitive, thoroughly-researched and ultimately personal questions.  In relatively short sessions and within the impersonal space of the workplace she enabled those taking part to gain significantly from the careful journeys of discovery she creates and steers.  Organisationally, these collective experiences enabled the University to identify and define the complex challenges before us in our aim to help women at the University succeed, both personally and professionally.”

Sigrid Fisher, Head of Equality and Diversity, University of Cambridge

“I worked with Jo during my transition from middle to senior manager.  Coaching was invaluable in supporting me to reflect on and develop the way I worked, how I interacted with colleagues and how I managed my team.  In a very high-pressured environment Jo provided a safe space to think and reflect.  Today as a director I use the learning and insights from coaching every day.”

Amanda Callaghan, Director of Corporate Communications, ABPI

I was coached by Jo during the early stages of my move to a new job in a busy headquarters. Her support and gentle direction allowed me to reflect on my own priorities whilst balancing them with the needs of the organisation. Her coaching has equipped me well to have the confidence and belief in myself to make considered choices about the next stage of my career.

Mandy McBain, Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy

I first engaged the coaching services of Jo Bostock to ensure that, as a self-employed consultant, I had regular opportunities to focus on my professional development and that of my business. Jo came highly recommended to me, and with very good reason. As my coach, Jo is warm and supportive, and is someone I feel I can totally trust. She is also challenging, asking intelligent questions which encourage me to critically self-reflect, step away from a default perspective and consider things from other angles. She’s had a huge impact on my ability and confidence to develop my business, and I can’t over-emphasise the value I get from our sessions.

Katherine Cowan, Independent Coach & Consultant